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Card Game developed in conjunction with Johns Hopkins

Developed with Doctors, Administrators, and other Johns Hopkins staff, INFLUX is an educational card game designed to train hospital staff for MCI (Mass Casualty Incident) Protocol, or what to do when a large amount of patients suddenly appear, due to a nearby crisis. Art by Noelle Burgess


My internship with Johns Hopkins involved constant internal playtesting and playtesting with various hospital staff. Everything from our gameplay loop to our look and feel was influenced by feedback.

We also aimed to balance the game's educational aspect with the fun of playing cards in a game, while putting players in positions where they need to strategize and communicate.

Early on, I suggested the idea of a fatigue system that limited each player’s actions per round, which was from then on iterated until we landed on a specific card economy for each playable role. Players then had to communicate with each other to delegate tasks or take them head-on.

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